About us

B&Z Associates is a professional sourcing service provider with more than 20 years experiences of bridging China factories to regional distributors.
B&Z Associates is building up a portfolio of quality products with value to end users for outdoor living.
B&Z is looking for import distributors to develop long term exclusive partnership in developing market for our brand name outdoor living products.

Mission & Value

  • To become valuable long term partner with China factories and international distributors.

Our Services

1. Product qualification
• Qualify the product via QC management of the factory
• Function test of the product performance
2. Quality assurance
• Prepare the inspection guide for every product
• Inspect each shipment according the product inspection guide
3. Container consolidation
• Coordinate to combine LCL orders into one full container shipment

Open Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8AM - 5PM
Sunday: Rest

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